Clinicals in Oncology

Clinicals in Oncology is an international open access mega journal. The journal aim to publish oncology, clinical oncology, surgical oncology, medical oncology, oncology research, oncology case reports, oncology and cancer, it covers all the areas of oncology and its related fields. Clinicals in Oncology follows double blind peer-review process. Clinicals in Oncology providing platform to all the researchers, scientists, authors and students to share knowledge over the globe.

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Why Choose us.?

Accurate scientific and research information

We provide it with accurate scientific and research information that paves the way for exploring the scientific world.

Provides complementary and unlimited access to readers

Being a part of our publishers becomes your fundamental right and property as your work is permanently available to readers, scholars and researchers on our website. All aticles are freely accessible to read, downlaod and share. The content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license

Clinicals in Oncology Features

Our initiative is to publish distinctive manuscripts that provide recognizable and significant contributions to a variety of fields of cancer and cancer related research.

Our Vison

We work with a vision to provide accurate scientific and research information that paves the way for exploring the scientific world.

Aims and Scope

Our journal publications cover the fields of science and medicine and publish all research papers under the name ContusM publications. We are committed to providing original and quality content. We have an eminent reviewers and potential editorial board members in various divisions across the globe.


    • To explore daily research in the field of science, medicine and technology.
    • Strengthening scientific knowledge among the scholars.
    • To contribute to and share progress in scientific research.
    • Providing a high quality online platform for publishing original research papers.

Scope of the Journal

Oncology Cancer Blood Cancer
Colon Cancer Paediatric Cancers Sarcoma
Treatment Strategies Clinical Oncology Cancer Diseases
Cancer Diagnosis Breast Cancer Nuclear Medicine
Prostate Cancer Surgical Oncology Cancer Statistics
Lung Cancers Palliative Care Ovarian Cancer
Laboratory Diagnosis General Oncology Endocrine Disorders
Lymphoma Pancreatic Cancer Stomach Cancer
Molecular Biology Radiation Oncology

Esteemed Editorial Members

Author Guidelines

The document needs to be prepared in English language. The manuscript needs to be documented, maintaining double-spacing between lines along with a large margin. All the pages of the document needs to be numbered in a sequence, including those containing Figures, Tabular columns, acknowledgements, references, etc. The documents containing the manuscript should be a single Word file. All Figures or Tables related to the manuscript need to be attached in the same word file.

Open Access

Clinicals is Oncology Journal, which are available to readers online "are inseparable from access to the Internet and without financial or subscription, legal or technical barriers.

Now with us authors can publish their research work at minimal publication fees, their published manuscripts are easily available and accessible to the reader and used by providing proper citations. Open access helps improve the scholarly and public quality of research work around the world.

Advantages of Open Access

  • High Visibility for your work.
  • This helps to upgrade their education and research works.
  • Reviewer should send the review comments within the provided time period.
  • Peer-Review Process

  • The submitted manuscript not be published in any other journal or submitted for review. All statistics, figures or tables related to the manuscript should be enclosed in a single word file. Please submit your manuscript as an email attachment
  • The journal follows a double blind peer review approach. This is done with the aim of assessing the authenticity, quality and often authenticity of the articles for publication. Its ultimate purpose is to preserve the integrity of science by filtering out invalid or low quality articles.
  • Content provided by the authors in the Manuscript may not infringe copyright or rights of any third party at any time.
  • Submit Manuscript

    If you are willing to submit a manuscript / paper to our journals, we recommend that you first read the aims and scope and author's instructions on the journal main page. Please email your manuscript as an attachment to our editorial team at: submission@clinicalsinoncology.com